We are Asura Financial Technology

We’re building cutting-edge technology to help financial services firms deliver more efficiently, more creatively and more profitably. Our technology enables businesses of any size to manage their clients and services digitally.

Our Story

Asura was established in 2017 and quickly attracted a talented team of highly skilled, CISI qualified technologists and design experts who now work across our Glasgow, Edinburgh and London office hubs. Our shared vision is to help propel clients’ businesses forward by implementing simple to use, digital first technology, providing solutions for legacy problems and introducing our real time systems to forge better, more profitable relationships with their customers. Business benefit was the driver behind the development of our current suite of digital products and it’s what shapes our ongoing research and development. We are all committed to delivering a demonstrable return on investment and we are glad to say our clients tell us we are getting it right.

Our Platform

Asura’s digital platform provides a suite of software products for private banking, wealth management and capital markets companies so they can enhance the way they manage their relationships with their clients. Asura’s systems touch every aspect of a client’s lifecycle from on-boarding the client through our Digital On-board suite, to investing the client using our Portfolio Management suite and reporting investment performance to the client through our Client Portal. Asura provides a modular based suite of solutions which can be bought individually or bundled together.

Our cloud native approach means lightweight implementation lead times and associated costs.

Our Team

Our success is rooted in building a team of talented individuals with diverse backgrounds and an aptitude for achieving exceptional results.

David Waddington

Whilst David has built a successful fintech business, he is first and foremost a software developer with a forensic understanding and experience of trading and settlement lifecycles, systems and underlying infrastructure. He also has extensive experience helping clients to address and resolve regulatory matters.

David Waddington


Matt Aylward

With 20 years experience in financial services and fintech and C-level positions in investment management, broking and technology firms under his belt, Matt has a proven track record for driving growth and scalability. Nothing satisfies him more than helping clients grow and flourish by taking advantage of digital-first technologies.

Matt Aylward


Niamh Gohil

Niamh is responsible for the design, build and successful project delivery of Asura’s full range of investment, wealth and advisor technologies. Using his experience of fintech to create transformational digital environments for clients and opening doors to improved business efficiency, opportunities and profits.

Niamh Gohil

- Staff Engineer

Sarah Fleming

Sarah has over 17 years experience in Financial Services, predominantly in platform operations covering Corporate Actions, Transfers and Reconciliations. She has experience in building teams, designing scalable operational processes and has a track record of delivering high quality client service using the latest digital technologies.

Sarah Fleming

- Head of Operations

Stephen Brown

Stephen is the design brains behind the business. With over 15 years’ experience as a graphic designer for both local and global brands and seven years of running his own successful agency, Stephen could not be better placed to provide clients with a creative resource to support their digital transformation.

Stephen Brown

- Head of Design

Stuart Waddington

Asura’s talented technical and creative team is complemented by its hugely experienced Finance Director. Stuart contributes a wealth of business and financial expertise to the team, drawing on a career spanning government and business management, audit and fraud and forensic investigation in a global environment.

Stuart Waddington

- FD

Kenny Green

Kenny is the Compliance Officer (SMF16) and Money Laundering Reporting Officer (SMF17) at Asura. Kenny has worked with many asset management firms, wealth managers, investment banks, fintech start-ups and platforms prior to joining Asura. He is a holder of the CISI Diploma in Investment Compliance.

Kenny Green

- Head of Compliance

Our Values


Our teamwork is rooted in openness, trust and honesty. Our belief is that in an industry littered with distrust and ambiguity our honest approach generates trust and loyalty with our employees and client base.


We endeavour to keep our business practices, commercial models, and implementation approaches as simple as possible. This is a huge aid to transparency and strong communication both inside and outside the firm.


We have built a platform in less than two years that is utilised by three financial market verticals. Rather than resting on our laurels we commit to being better than yesterday by seeking new and inventive solutions for tomorrow.

Joseph Pickering | Full Stack Developer

Asura has helped me to broaden my skill set in an ever-growing industry. It's been great to get stuck into a lot of exciting and challenging projects.

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