Back-Office Solutions

Unify your operations from front to back and simplify workflows across all asset classes. Surfacing critical information in real time and automating the complete trade lifecycle means lower costs, greater business agility, and excellence in customer service.

Back-Office Solutions

Back-Office Solutions

Comprehensive portfolio management, accounting and reporting that supports any investment within any structure for any region in the world.


Integrated framework for treasury policy, processes, and performance in an interactive and simple solution for cash, liquidity, risk management and accounting.

Treasury Management

An automated and highly configurable margin, stock borrowing and financing agreement calculation engine. Gain the knowledge you need to control costs and enhance profitability with advanced analysis and reconciliation engines.

Loan & Margin Management

Support for multiple CCPs and settlement venues provides capabilities to settle transactions globally through an entirely straight-through process. Streamline your clearing and allocations flows in real time allowing your to meet your clients needs.

Settlement Management

Process FX transactions, confirmations, settlement and payments worldwide on one platform. Manage your positions, liquidity and limits in real time.