Front-Office Solutions

A hub of tools to support you achieve compliance, improve efficiencies, save money and scale for the future. Maintain regulatory compliance without the burden.

Front-Office Solutions

Front-Office Solutions

Built from the ground up to support Financial Services supporting functionality such as rich client notes, digital KYC’s, calendar and diary management, Chinese wall management, and new business management.


Observe our algos and smart routers at work, in real time. Track the progress of your fills, see the order plan and any deviations, and review the estimated order finish time.

Execution Management

Construct, review, analyse and configure clients’ portfolios, report on tax, analyse valuation and performance and rebalance at the click of a button. Quickly pinpoint areas of risk within each portfolio and prioritise remedial actions.

Model Portfolio Management

An end-to-end, multi-asset class solution that is designed to feel and act like your own in-house trading operation. Integrated liquidity, workflow, execution and analytics solutions to determine optimal order routing.


With cashflow modelling tools, Monte Carlo simulations to assist in the projection of uncertain economic variables and a wealth of market data for backtesting the Wealth Management suite provides advisors tools to ensure their clients have a robust wealth management strategy.

Wealth Planning